About Okanagan Valley and Our Honey

Created with warmth straight out of beehives in Okanagan Valley, Hiveolovy honey is sourced from organic farms. The moist environment of Okanagan Valley results in the best place for farms of all sorts to flourish. There are multiple farms in the area, but the region is famously known for bee farms. At Hiveology, we pride ourselves in standing out by cultivating honey through a cruelty-free process while making organic products. With over 700 acres of land in south Okanagan, we are the only farm where certified organic can be harvested.

Okanagan Honey Products

There are plenty of honey products we offer, such as Wildflower Honey, Buckwheat Honey, and Sweet Clover Honey. Our Buckwheat Honey is particularly unique as most crops that assist in making up the honey are located in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. For a healthier alternative to sugar, Hiveology Honey Lavender Simple Syrup makes the perfect addition to cocktails, tea, and honey. The pinch of lavender contributes to a calming essence. 

For the perfect cooking blend, our Garlic Infused Okanagan Wildflower Honey is perfect to use with roasted carrots, sweet yams, and even on pizza. Another cooking favorite is our Ginger and Tumeric Infused Okanagan Wildflower Honey that is generally used in teas and favorite dishes. Get a healthy honey blend when trying our Pollen Infused Okanagan Wildflower Honey that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Grab a spoonful and pour it into your morning smoothies, breakfast, coffee, or tea. 

Okanagan Honey Snack Options

A sweet and healthy snack is our Honey and Salt Popcorn made with Okanagan Wildflower Honey. The sweet snack is hard to resist and is highly addictive. Our Okanagan Wildflower Honey is also used to make our Honey and Garlic Popcorn, Honey and Lavender Popcorn, and Honey and Dill Popcorn. 

While making our products, we focus on gentle practices to improve honey bee health. Aside from the health of the honey bee population, the health of consumers is also benefited when adding honey to a diet. Honey has a multitude of health benefits, such as being rich in antioxidants, helping lower blood pressure, improving cholesterol, and more. 

Harvested Organic Honey

Our harvested honey at Hiveology is organically harvested. We never heat or pasteurize the honey. Our products are organic with the smell, taste, and color is dependent on the flowers the bees visit. Along with providing pure honey, we also provide sustainable by-products. Taste Okanagan when you try Hiveology honey.


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