Elevate Your Dishes With Recipes that Use Infused Honey

When it comes to cooking, making healthy choices can be increasingly difficult. However, you no longer have to compromise between eating plain healthy food or healthy dishes that taste amazing. Adding honey into your dishes is a healthy alternative to sugar and other sweeteners; it adds a depth of rich flavor that will elevate your dish while providing health benefits. 

Healthy Side Note: Honey is absorbed into the human body at a slower rate resulting in more energy. Made up naturally of Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, iron, and other vitamins and minerals, you can expect to receive more benefits from honey than alternative ingredients. 

If you are ready to try some recipes that use honey, these sweet and savory infused-honey dishes will bring everyone running to the table. 

Honey Garlic Carrots 

A simple honey garlic mix can result in a tasty side dish for dinner. All you need is a tad of butter, a few tablespoons of butter, garlic, black pepper, a dash of salt, and garlic-infused honey to elevate the taste. The simple recipe only takes 25 minutes to prep and cook. In no time you will have a perfect dinner paired filled with antioxidants to assist in improving health, such as lowering blood pressure. 

Honey-Turmeric Pork with Beet and Carrot Salad  

Although honey might seem like an ingredient used for sweet dishes only, it absolutely can also do wonders for tasty savory options. Finding ways to slip honey into your diet can help improve cholesterol levels. If you have not attempted honey in your meals, then start with the Honey-Turmeric Pork with Beet and Carrot Salad. The ginger and turmeric infused honey in this meal allows for a smooth taste. 

Pollen and Honey Cookies 

Since honey is better for your health than sugar, you can expect a healthy choice to lower triglycerides, a risk factor associated with type 2 diabetes. When you are attempting to avoid health issues such as diabetes, you want to ensure you choose healthy options when it comes to sweets, not always an easy task!

But, pollen and honey cookies—infused with Okanagan valley honey infused with pollen—are the perfect option for a sugar-substitute cookie that won't leave you feeling guilty. Butter like cookies flavored with honey and made with pollen is a simple and healthy sweet snack that will keep you satisfied. Who needs sugar when you can add honey?

Honey Lavender Scones 

Another healthy sweet snack or breakfast item you will love is honey lavender scones. The infused lavender honey will heighten the taste of the scone making it enjoyable with tea or coffee. Since sugar is substituted by honey in this recipe you can expect a delicious treat that will fill you with daily nutrients to keep your body healthy.

Cooking with infused honey is such a fun way to incorporate new flavors into your dishes and desserts. Our Okanagan Valley honey is organically harvested and pure. Taste the difference with Hiveology honey.

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