Okanagan Wildflower Honey Recipes You Need To Try

Honey is one of the most versatile ingredients you can have in your kitchen and using sustainable Okanagan wildflower honey means not only great tasting dishes in your kitchen, but you're also doing something great for the environment too! 

From desserts to savory evening meals, Okanagan wildflower honey can help you expand your cookbook with an all-natural and delicious sugar alternative that will have you thanking the bees.

Here are a few tasty honey inspired recipes that you need to try:

Honey Garlic Shrimp Stir-Fry 

Sweet, a little spicy, and oh so delicious. Serve these tasty little shrimps with a side of fried veggies and steamed rice and you have yourself a well-balanced meal that satisfies both the stomach and taste buds. Consider using a Garlic Infused Honey for an even tastier option. 

Gabrielle's Honey Pie 

Okanagan wildflower honey is the real star of the show in this recipe, as it should bee. This crumbly, mouth watering dessert is the perfect treat after a delicious home cooked meal.

Chipotle Honey Chicken and Waffle Sliders 

Don’t slide past these yummy sliders made with cornmeal waffles and a sticky chipotle honey sauce that creates a zesty taste and aroma. These sliders are quick and easy to whip up which is perfect for your next event!


If there is one thing that Chef Gordon Ramsay knows, it's how to make good food!  And his recipe for honey glazed ham is no exception. Make sure to use a high quality organic honey for the very best flavor profile. Then, slice yourself a big juicy helping of this savory ham while you sit down for the holidays with friends and family.

Lavender Honey Cupcakes 

Enjoy the impeccable flavor combination of lavender and honey that makes these cupcakes irresistible. Not only does this cake have an incredible texture and moisture, it is also very easy to make! Grab our Lavender Infused Honey to make these sweet treats even better!

Sriracha-Honey Mayonnaise 

Some might say that the perfect sauce does not exist, but we think this sweet and spicy mayo recipe would give nay-sayers a run for their money. With this tangy, hot, and sweet combination you can spice up any dish, from club sandwiches to deep fried green beans.

Grandma’s Honey Muffins 

These crumbly golden muffins are the epitome of home comfort. Pass them around the breakfast table hot or cold and enjoy with a nice homemade organic honey butter and some fresh fruit.


Not just your average run of the mill root vegetables here, when combined with sustainable Okanagan Valley honey, these veggies become a delightful side dish that even the little ones will love. Put this tasty dish along side a steak and some salad greens and you will be thinking about seconds while eating your first plate.  

We hope these honey recipes inspire you to try something different in the kitchen. Do you have a favorite recipe that uses honey? Share it with us in the comments—we're always looking for new tasty dishes! 

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