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Ginger & Turmeric Infused Okanagan Wildflower - Raw Honey Honey Hiveology

Ginger & Turmeric Infused Okanagan Wildflower - Raw Honey

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  • Enjoy our RAW Okanagan Honey Infused with Ginger & Turmeric
  • Wonderful in teas and cooking your favourite dishes. 
  • The sweetness of Hiveology's honey combined with the spiciness of the Ginger and Turmeric is incredible.
  • Honey Tasting Notes | Amber in colour, notes of dandelion, borage, apple blossom, haskap berries, blackberries, peach blossom, cherry blossom, sweet clover.

    Minimal Intervention

    Our practices are organic with animal welfare and conservation first and foremost. We use gentle yet science based methods to improve the health of our local honeybee population. 

    A Healthy Alternative

    You can put it into your teas, use instead of sugar or sweeteners, use it in your kitchen recipes, soothing for sore throat and cough, excellent skin treatment as well. 

    Toothbrush product

    Sourced from Organic Farms

    Our location in the south Okanagan region is the only farm in BC where certified organic can be harvested, with over 700 acres. 

    Three Different Types Available

    We have three different types you can choose from:

    • - Wildflower Honey
    • - Sweet Clover
    • - Buckwheat Honey

    About Our Raw Honey

    Hiveology uses minimal intervention with our methods to provide the highest quality products closest to nature. We never add heat or pasteurize our honey. The smell, taste and color depend on the types of flowers visited by the bees in their location. Honey has so many great health benefits, too many to mention here but you can research yourself and have fun finding what you might want to add honey to your diet.

    Try our Different Types

    • Hiveology Wildflower Honey – amber in color, notes of dandelion, Borage, apple blossom, Haskap berries, blackberries, peach blossom, cherry blossom, sweet clover.
    • Hiveology Sweet Clover – Light in color, sweeter than other varietals, collected from hives located next to a huge cover crop of clover planted between rows of a 20acre organic apple orchard.
    • Buckwheat Honey – Dark amber in color and has sharp notes of grass and hay. Molasses on the palate. Not easy to find as most of the crops are located in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We have a monocrop of buckwheat in the Northern Okanagan region.
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