About Us

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Krezan, proprietor and beekeeper of Hiveology Sustainable Apiaries and Honey, began her journey in agriculture several years ago after graduating from a pre veterinary program that focused on medicine and welfare of large, small and exotic animals. Her lifelong passion for all things living led her to enter into a new degree program in Agricultural Science and a Major in Sustainable Food and Farming. Last year she completed extensive studies focused on coffee farming in Hawaii. After completing several papers on soil science, pollinator habitat and biology, sustainable farming practices through implementation of off grid power sources like solar and wind, Botany, organic farming and integrated pest management, she realized there was a very important missing link. Bees! For without them we are doomed.

Obsessed with butterflies since a child, Jennifer completed an independent study at the University of Massachusetts of the endangered and rarely seen Hawaiian Kamehameha Butterfly. The study of Entomology and pollinator habitat gradually led her down a path of no return, a beautiful journey in Apiculture (def. the scientific study and husbandry of bees).

Meet Brad

Brad Krezan, director of marketing, sales and distribution at Hiveology. An extensive background in sales led Brad to recognize that there is a gap in the honey market. There are so many avenues that have gone untouched and the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and honey! Branding, packaging and the development of new products are a true passion of his. Watch for trending new products like the Hiveology Organic Lavender and Honey Simple Syrup. It is rumoured that Brad may be the best curator of Old Fashioned cocktails in the Okanagan!

The world needs more bees and the population needs to increase from what it is now if we want to continue eating the foods we enjoy now.

Did you know? 70% of the foods we eat are pollinated by bees? That’s one in three bites!