Our Services


Did you know that Hiveology can help increase your crop yield up to 30% by implementing beehives onto your orchard or farm? Studies have shown that pollinated crops also yield more uniform shaped and flavourful fruits and vegetables which is beneficial for your bottom dollar and profits.

Mead, Beer and Spirit Making Consulting

Interested in diversifying your current offerings? Would you like to make Mead or spirits but dont have the know how? Contact us for further consultation.

Honey Extraction

We offer honey extraction services. Advanced booking required. Contact us for rates.

Pollination Contracts

At Hiveology we keep it simple and stress free for you. Simply contact us for a no obligation consultation and let us do the rest! We deliver, install and pick up our hives.

Bulk Honey Sales

Honey is in high demand for crafting Mead (honey wine), Beer and Spirits. Depending on season and availability, Hiveology can help with that! Contact us for pricing.