Jennifer Dirks Krezan is an Apiculturist and a student of Agriculture Science – majoring in Sustainable Foods and Farming. Her studies in Entomology, integrated pest management, botany, soil science, pollinator habitat and biology heavily influenced her to establish and launch multiple apiaries in the central Okanagan region in 2018.

Hiveology is a sustainable Apiculture company that harvests and retails raw, unpasteurized honey and curates sustainable products including honey-based infusions and simple syrups, pollen, and honeycomb.

We are proud to practice cruelty-free methods of beekeeping while employing gentle and effective sustainable organic treatments. Our goal is to raise awareness in our eco systems and to improve the health of the honeybees, while increasing their population locally. Our Beehive equipment is locally made and wax-dipped to provide the bees with a bacteria and fungal resistant environment giving them the best chance for survival and healthy reproduction.

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