Okanagan Wildflower Honey | RAW


Enjoy our unpasteurized Okanagan honey in three different sizes.

Tasting Notes | Amber in colour notes of dandelion, borage, apple blossom, haskap berries, blackberries, peach blossom, cherry blossom, and sweet clover.

Try This :

  • Use as a healthier alternative to sugar
  • Add to coffee and tea
  • Mix in your homemade salad dressings and marinades
  • Use as a sweetener in baking
  • Drizzle over fresh grapefruit
  • Use to sweeten popsicles and frozen yogurt
  • Add to your next charcuterie board


Jar Size | 100ml, 280ml, 380ml

*Glass Jars

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Unpasteurized Okanagan Honey

We are based in Kelowna, BC, but our bees are all over the Okanagan! We believe that consuming honey shouldn’t have detrimental effects on the bees who make it. We strive to create a symbiotic relationship with our bees by using organic treatments and gentle practices to improve their lives as they do ours! We only take the excess honey that we are confident they don’t need, leaving plenty to keep them healthy and full through the winter! We believe that it is our responsibility to help restore the natural world that we constantly destroy with – what seems like – every action we make. No one can do it all on their own, but every little bit helps. Our impact of choice? Helping the bees flourish, not only to keep food on our table but to keep all plant life thriving so that all the other living things can have food and shelter.

You can find us at various farmer’s markets and artisan shows around the Okanagan, year-round, where you can sample some of our products to see why quality matters. Our staple markets include the Kelowna Farmer’s Market, Vernon Farmer’s Market, Peachland Farmer’s Market, and Penticton Farmer’s Market.

Minimal Intervention

Our practices are organic and sustainable, with animal welfare and conservation first and foremost. We use gentle, yet science-based methods to improve the health of our local honeybee population.

A Healthy Alternative

Great for sweetening tea and coffee, using as a healthier alternative to refined sugars in your favourite recipes, soothing a sore throat, and DIY at-home skin treatments! Our unpasteurized Okanagan honey retains all of its nutrients because it never gets heated.

About Our Raw Honey

Hiveology uses minimal intervention with our methods to provide the highest quality products closest to nature. We never add heat or pasteurize our honey. The smell, taste, and color depend on the types of flowers visited by the bees in their location. Honey has so many great health benefits, too many to mention here, but you can research for yourself, and have fun finding out why adding honey to your diet can be super beneficial!

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100ml, 280ml, 380ml


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